safetee – officially “confirmed to the Rules of Golf” by the R&A since March 2022.

The rules giver in golf, the R&A, founded in 1754 with its headquarters in St. Andrews and organiser of “The Open”, has tested and approved our X-Light protector for golf.

The R&A, together with its counterpart in America, the USGA, sets the rules of golf that apply to everyone.
In addition to the so-called “official ruling”, which regulates playing and tournament operations, these two institutions also decide on all equipment.
In other words, all golf equipment that may be used in tournaments, whether amateur or professional.
Anyone who brings a product for golf onto the market and wants it to be used in tournaments by amateurs or professionals must have it approved by the R&A. If this is not the case, a product may be withdrawn from the market or not approved and thus not permitted for use in tournaments.

Our “invisible” X-Light protector has fulfilled all criteria and received approval.
The inlay was tested in the R&A’s own laboratories according to their quality standards and finally approved as “conforming to the Rules of Golf”.
Golfers who seek sporting competition in tournaments and wear our “invisible” protector can now also be sure that they are using a product tested by the R&A and confirmed and approved according to the Rules of Golf.
Another step towards more safety on the golf course, a confirmation of our daily work and our vision of more “safetee”.
The highest authority in golf has “confirmed” our product – we are mighty proud of this.
The topic is no longer a marginal note, as you can see with the approval by the R&A. Golf is now addressing this “problem”, changing things in the right direction and paying respect to sensible innovations. We manage, with our vision, to dive deeper and deeper into the industry, to remove obstacles, to establish our product and to achieve attention.

Thanks to the R&A.

If you would like more information – here is the link to the R&A – a visit is worthwhile