safetee – now TÜV tested.

After more than half a year of work, various examinations and tests, our X-Light protector has been certified by the German TÜV.

Since 24.4.2023 we now hold it in our hands – our TÜV certificate.

The testing institute par excellence, the German TÜV, has tested, inspected, approved and certified us.
Our “invisible” X-Light protector, which fits almost all standard golf caps, has met all TÜV criteria, passed the test and received approval.
The inlay was put through its paces in the TÜV testing laboratories according to European quality standards, tested and finally approved as “TÜV certified”.

A wide variety of test procedures were applied, which our X-Light protector passed with flying colours.
Among other things, our “Impact Absorbing” quota of 87% was not only confirmed for the protector in the impact test, but far exceeded.
Our protector now complies with the guidelines according to EU type examination certificate regulation EU 2016/425.
The testers created their own DIN standard especially for our non-competitive product – because there was “nothing” comparable to date.
The testers therefore had to develop their own test procedures that met the requirements of the product in order to generate a certification tested according to TÜV standards.

Once again, all of us here at safetee Technologies GmbH are mighty proud of our work and our product.
Once again it shows that our X-Light protector is a sensible, but also highly technical product – and now also TÜV certified.
After the R&A approval for golf and “conforming to the rules of golf”, our product has now also been certified by the most official body.

Many thanks to the German TÜV

Stay tuned for more news to come