safetee caps

Protects1 the most important thing on the court: your child.

safetee provides children and parents with a safe experience during Golf. Our innovative protective inlay absorbs1 up to 87% of the impacting energies of stray Golf balls and fits comfortably and stylishly under our caps.
With 5 colors and 3 sizes we most likely have the perfect matching safetee cap for you and your kids, too!

Order your exclusive starter pack now and get the X-Light Protector and a safetee cap in the trendy colors of your choice at a special price.

Calculate your size now in our . If you are between two sizes we recommend the larger size because our X-Light Protector also slightly affects the inner volume of the cap.

Better safe than sorry.

The patented X-Light-Protector absorbs up to 87% of incident energy, is extremely comfortable and fits inconspicuously into our cap. Your ideal companion on and off the court – for you, your child or your club.

Stylish and customizable – The sporty, modern design colors can be combined as desired and become a personal club cap with your own golf club logo.
Fit precisely and comfortably – The flexible tissue structure of the X-Light Protector adapts to the individual head shape and ensures an optimally ventilated scalp.
Unobtrusive and suitable for everyday use – The 4 mm thick protector fits under all safetee caps and can be removed at any time.

More than a golf cap.

Play it safe with your gifts now.