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Revolution in golf

Order now the safest golf cap on the green – as a single cap or in a starter pack at an exclusive special price. Also ideal as a gift for safetee-conscious golfers!


With the safetee Golf Cap and its inserted X-Light protector, we have made it our goal to make the sport we love safer in the long term. But the safetee Golf Cap is more than just an outcry – it is the answer to stray golf balls or ricochets and thus to countless serious head injuries. An innovative head protection with the style of a cap.


More than just a
Golf Cap.

The safetee Golf Cap combines proven materials, sporty design and innovative protector technology – a modern head protection, without compromising on appearance or wearing comfort.

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Stylish and customizable – The sporty-modern design colors can be combined in any way and become a personal club cap with your own golf club logo.
Discreet and suitable for everyday use – The 4 mm thick protector fits under all safetee caps and can be removed at any time.
Precisely fitted and comfortable – The flexible fabric structure of the X-Light protector adapts to the individual head shape and ensures an optimally ventilated scalp.

The invisible protection inside.

The protected X-Light protector with its special tee structure has impeccable impact absorption values. Our laboratory test shows that it can reduce the energy of an incoming golf ball by up to 87%.

X-Light Protector
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Become part of the
safetee revolution.

Protection for your course

Whether you are an experienced golf instructor, children and youth department or a responsible greenkeeper – with the safetee Club Cap, safety becomes a collective feeling.

Safe business for your company

The safetee golf cap combines safety with visibility – for your company. As an advertising tool, in sponsoring or as tournament equipment for employees. We not only make room for your logo on the front of the cap, but also offer sporting goods manufacturers an individual adaptation of our protector to their own cap.

safetee in your store

Would you like to expand your product range with the innovative safetee Golf Cap? Become a safetee dealer with your pro store, online store or specialized store and benefit from attractive advantages.

Together for more safety.

The safetee Club Cap protects the most important thing on your golf course: children and young people. Safety should not be a question of budget here! Therefore, as part of our “safe golfing” project, we will inform you on how you can equip your youth team with the safetee Club Cap free of charge.

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