Siblings Lampert and safetee technologies GmbH decide to cooperate until at least summer 2021.

Unusual for a cooperation, the first contact between Moritz Lampert and Philipp Schneider, founder of safetee, began out of private interest via the Instagram platform. Due to his enthusiasm for golf, Philipp Schneider discovered the account of the professional player who plays near his home on the golf course in St. Leon-Rot and got into conversation with him. When he introduced the idea of the safetee golf cap to him, the professional sportsman was immediately enthusiastic.

Moritz Lampert, a former Challenge Tour player, himself injured a woman with a golf ball on her forehead during the invitational tournament at Gut Kaden in 2012. “That was a really bad situation. We didn’t want to play on at all,” Moritz Lampert remembers. The event affected him personally and occupied him for a long time. “Even professionals are unfortunately not safe from accidental blows. This accident could have been defused by safetee”. Based on his own experience, Moritz Lampert is very interested in safetee’s vision of making golf even safer. Fortunately, even if in most cases nothing happens, but there is still the risk of a painful hit by a golf ball.

Immediate identification and enthusiasm for the product led to the idea of a cooperation with Moritz Lampert. Through communication with his management, contact was also established with his sister Karolin Lampert, Ladies European Tour player, who is also very successful in golf. She too was immediately enthusiastic about the idea. Karolin Lampert, who is also one of the Mercedes-Benz brand ambassadors, emphasizes above all the importance of the vision in the area of children and youth training.

First image material has already been produced

Since 24.08.2020 Karolin Lampert and Moritz Lampert are official cooperation partners of safetee technologies GmbH. To kick off the cooperation, the safetee team played 9 holes together with the siblings on their home course in St. Leon-Rot. This was accompanied by a photographer. Despite the tight schedule of the Lampert siblings, it has already been possible to produce excellent photographic material, which will soon be shown on the safetee homepage.

The Lampert siblings are the ideal faces for the safetee brand. “We are very pleased to welcome them as authentic brand ambassadors. For us it is especially nice to see with which conviction they stand behind the safetee Golf Cap and our vision”, Philipp Schneider, founder of safetee, is pleased.