Our vision


Our vision of golf is free from golfers cringing at the warning call “Fore” or headlines reporting serious head injuries. The head protection we have developed therefore combines innovative protector technology and sporty design. We not only want to realise our vision, but also establish a completely new safety standard in golf.

The beginning
of safetee.

For us, golf is not only one of the most beautiful sports there is, it is rather an attitude to life: the challenge in competition or against oneself, the constant incentive to improve on the most diverse golf courses in combination with the outdoor exercise and the sense of community on the course – a dream for enthusiastic golfers. However, Philipp and Ann-Christin had to learn that it only takes the blink of an eye to destroy this idyll.

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Ann-Christin only felt the sharp breeze of the golf ball that missed her head by millimetres. There was no Fore warning call and certainly no way to react. Ann-Christin was lucky, all that remained was shock, but Philipp would not let go of his wife’s experience. So he searched for a suitable head protection: unsuccessfully! The search was unsuccessful, but the idea to change something was born. Together with his best friend Daniel, the brainstorming began: head protection for golfers. But please not a helmet! Protection that is comfortable, modern and stylish, so that everyone wears it on the course. The idea became a product and the vision became a company. At the beginning of 2020, safetee launches the first X-Light protector. Today, safetee is a team of golf enthusiasts with a mission.

as a sense of community.

A safe game

With a passion for golf, we strive to significantly reduce the risk of injury. Our X-Light Protector is a simple solution to protect golfers from serious head injuries. With our commitment, we create more safety for you, your team, your greenkeeping, your club – ultimately for everyone on the golf course.

Important steps
towards more safety.


A near-accident during a round of golf led to the desire for head protection for golfers. The lack of an adequate solution on the market kept founder Philipp Schneider going and drove him to create one himself. With his best friend Daniel Weimann, he took up the cause and laid the foundation for safetee.


Many workshops, brainstorming sessions and conversations with friends and acquaintances from the golf world shape the year 2019. A first prototype of the X-Light protector is manufactured and we can prepare the first big appearance in spring 2020.

Excellent safety

Award, foundation, production and conversion – this year will be quite turbulent! In January, we presented the first prototype of the X-Light protector at the well-known PGA Merchandise Show in the USA and immediately won the “Most Innovative Concept Award”. This is followed by the official founding of safetee technologies GmbH and in the summer, with the completion of product development, we put the first safetee protectors into production. Our team grows to four people during this time and in order to create enough space for everyone, we move into our new office in the Skyline Hill Center in Würzburg.


The new year is also fully under the motto of growth: we are already able to equip numerous golf courses with their own safetee club caps and protectors and are proud to have won the Bavarian Golf Association as a cooperation partner. In addition, we are not only pleased about the first major customers, but also about the official cap equipment for the volunteers and employees at the Porsche European Open 2021.


A further milestone – the golf regulator, the R&A, based in world-famous St. Andrews, has tested and approved our X-Light protector for golf.

The R&A, together with its counterpart in America, the USGA, sets the rules of golf that apply to everyone. Our X-Light protector has fulfilled all criteria and received approval. The inlay was tested in the R&A’s own laboratories according to their quality standards and finally approved as “conforming to the Rules of Golf”.

Another step towards more safety on the golf course, a confirmation of our daily work and our vision of more “Safetee”. The highest authority in golf has “confirmed” our product – we are very proud of this.


safetee – now TÜV certified. After more than half a year of work, various examinations and tests, our protector has been certified by the German TÜV.

Our “invisible” X-Light protector, which fits in almost all standard golf caps, has fulfilled all TÜV criteria. Our protector now complies with the guidelines of the EU – Type Examination Certificate Regulation EU 2016/425. The inspectors created a separate DIN standard especially for our non-competitive product – this because there was “nothing” comparable up to now. After the R&A approval 2022 for golf and “conformimg to the rules of golf”, our product has now also been certified by the most official body.

Safety is a matter of the head.

The X-Light protector not only absorbs impact energy by up to 87%, but also significantly reduces the risk of injury in the head area, thus preventing worse accidents. Convince yourself of our innovative protector technology.

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