The safety revolution in Golf
that the Ryder Cup trusts

Officially licensed by the Ryder Cup, our patented X-Light Protector for your golf cap is a simple, stylish solution to protect you from serious head injuries on the golf course.


Our innovative X-Light protector fits comfortably into almost all golf caps. Special Ryder Cup Team USA and Team Europe inlays are available now.

That means for you: Even more safety with the usual cap style!


More than just a

The safetee X-Light protector combines the latest materials, sporty design and innovative protector technology – modern head protection without compromising on appearance or comfort.

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Discreet and suitable for everyday use – The 4mm thick protector fits all standard caps and can be removed at any time.
Precisely fitting and comfortable – The flexible fabric structure of the X-Light protector adapts to the individual head shape and ensures an optimally ventilated scalp.

The invisible protection inside.

Our patented X-Light protector with its special tee structure has impeccable impact absorption values and has recently also been TÜV certified. Our laboratory tests show that it can absorb the energy of an incoming golf ball by up to 87%.

X-Light Protector