Maximum safety1 for your Club.

It is important to us to inspire golf courses with our vision in order to make golfing even safer.


active golfers worldwide. Golf is growing steadily and continues to gain in popularity.


(registered) golf ball accidents and injuries annually. Ascending trend. Unrecognized figure.


children under the age of 18 who play in German youth associations, require special protection.

safetee for the youngsters

Less risk1 of injury, less worry.

When it comes to the topic of safety, the focus is particularly on the next generation. Children and young adults, should be protected1 as well as possible while on the golf course. We provide golf clubs with special offers such as printing with individual sponsor logos.

I would be happy to advise you, free of charge, on how you can make your youth safer.

Lea Kalina

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Marcus TrautYouth leader at the Golf club, Würzburg

We are very pleased to announce that safetee equips the youth department of the Würzburg golf club. The innovative safetee golf caps are stylish and increase the safety of our children while on the course. That is exactly what we want.

Karolin LampertLadies European Tour player

I think the idea of safetee is great, as it happens again and again that people are hit by golf balls, especially at large tournaments or on the grounds at the training facility. The safetee golf cap offers protection and is also super stylish. I am a big fan of the product and hope that many golfers will follow me in also wearing the safetee cap.

Alexandre KalekaDouble Challenge Tour winner

I seriously injured Fabrizio Zanotti's head, at a European tour event in 2015, due to a bad hit. For me, the safetee golf cap is the product that has actually been overdue for years.

Tomek DogilPGA Professional & DE-Golf champion

The safety of the children in my youth golf training, is extremely important to me. safetee is an ingenious solution and gives me, the children and their parents a much better feeling while on the golf course. The children and parents of the GC Maxlrain are already looking forward to their safetee caps.

Corine RémandeAccident victim & golfer

Golf is my passion. As I was involved in a tragic accident in September 2018, where I lost the sight in my right eye, I know the utmost importance of protection on the court. safetee can help us to enjoy our passion with more serenity in terms of safety.

Moritz LampertTour player European Tour

I am very enthusiastic about the safetee golf caps, as I have unfortunately been involved in an accident myself. The injury could have been prevented by the safetee protector I am glad that there is finally such a product on the market and I hope that many golfers of all ages will wear the safetee cap.